Ogden Real Estate Aims to Serve You

Ogden & Company, Inc., AMO® is Wisconsin’s largest full-service real estate organization, with a staff of approximately 200 associates offering comprehensive property management, brokerage, development, consulting, construction, and maintenance services.


Why Ogden & Company?

Property Management 

The right property management will not only preserve the value of your property but enhance and add to it. That’s the kind of management Ogden & Company, Inc. has been providing to clients for more than 80 years. read more »





Residential Sales

Our residential division helps Sellers, Buyers and Homeowners achieve their real estate goals. read more »







Commercial Brokerage

Our Commercial/Investment Division represents Tenants, Owners, Buyers, Sellers, and Investors in negotiating the sale, acquisition and leasing of commercial real estate.  read more »






Investing Services

Ogden seeks to deliver consistent, robust returns while placing a premium on preserving capital. We perform a comprehensive risk-reward analysis on each potential investment and only invest in assets that provide asymmetric upside and limited downside risk. read more »