Stephanie Wicherski

Affordable Housing Compliance Director, Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Professional Designation(s): HCCP, TCS, COS
Office: 414.270.4169
Fax: 866.728.4029
Started at Ogden & Company, Inc. in: 2009
Year started in my profession: 1999

Stephanie Wicherski is the Director of Compliance for Ogden & Company, Inc. AMO. She is responsible for ensuring, maintaining and monitoring Ogden’s Affordable Housing Program compliance. Stephanie works in the areas of HOME, LIHTC, RD and HUD housing programs and has experienced a wide variety of compliance related issues.


In addition, Stephanie’s experience in the private sector focused in the area of compliance training, mediation of non-compliance resolutions between management and state agencies and policy implementation.


Stephanie works closely with all LIHTC/HOME properties currently being managed by Ogden & Company, Inc.. In addition, Stephanie interfaces with state agencies and LIHTC issuers and their various compliance departments to ensure all properties are operating within the various guidelines. Combining both private and state agency experience in LIHTC, Stephanie and her department offer clients a complete and comprehensive internal file review, facilitate training and coordinate all communication with various state agencies.