Sell Commercial — The Selling Process

Our Commercial/Investment Division represents tenants Tenants, Owners, Buyers, Sellers, and Investors in negotiating the sale, acquisition and leasing of commercial real estate. The commercial market demands an in-depth understanding of financing, construction and development costs combined with a knowledge of current market values and trends. As full service brokers, we are uniquely qualified to provide sound, realistic direction on every aspect of a transaction. Whether the client is a large national chain or a small local investor, we work to obtain the desired results while maintaining our firm commitment.

Our Experience
The Commercial Investment Division of Ogden & Company, Inc., AMO® has been representing tenants, landlords, buyers, sellers and investors since 1929.

Ogden & Company, Inc., AMO® brokers have been instrumental in negotiating transactions for and with financial institutions, business owners, and investors. These transactions include retail, factory, warehouse, multi-family, office buildings and land.

Today’s market demands comprehensive knowledge of all facets within it. Brokers must continually monitor current market values, construction costs, vacancy and absorption statistics along with the availability and cost of financing. This knowledge must be blended with an understanding of past conditions and future trends.

Ogden & Company, Inc., AMO® commercial brokers bring to each transaction a unique blend of knowledge, understanding and experience, coupled with the “street smarts” necessary in their business. These characteristics are augmented by the availability of all the resources within Wisconsin’s only full service real estate company.

Ogden & Company, Inc., AMO®, in more than 85 years of business, has developed an exemplary reputation for service with skill, responsibility and integrity. Each Ogden & Company, Inc., AMO® commercial broker conducts his or her business accordingly
The three p’s start your sale right

The plan, the people, and the promotion. Our successful sale of your property happens with these three elements: A strategic marketing plan, smart and hard-working marketing people, and quality promotional materials.

With those in place, your Ogden & Company brokerage team connects with the buyers who most closely resemble the profile of the prospective purchaser. It’s this interpersonal contact that ‘works’ all prospects and makes the sale happen.

An overall marketing strategy includes any and all of the following:
• Preparation of marketing materials
• Identifying and contacting the target market
• Working with other commercial brokers who may bring prospective buyers

The Marketing Package
Here’s what it’ll include:

Property description
– Details relating to physical characteristics
– Leases
– Survey (if necessary) Executive summary of offering

Photos or rendering of property

Site plan

Location maps

Neighborhood demographic study – demographics
– Pertinent location information

Income and expense analysis
– Rent roll/other income
– Operating expenses

Financial Analysis
– Performance
– 10-year projection
– internal rate of return analysis

Loan information

Market overview
– Pertinent market statistics
– Newspaper articles

Market comparables
– Sales
– Leases

Identifying and Targeting the Contact Market
Once the marketing package is compiled, that’s when the fun starts – seriously and effectively promoting your unique property to just the right prospects. Also, identifying hot prospects and looking for the perfect fit.
From promotion in business publications watched by active investors, to promoting your property literally worldwide on the Ogden website, to using our active buyer database, we match your property’s features with the buying criteria of investors. These may be individual investors, large acquisition groups, real estate investment trusts (REITs), or foreign investors. We connect with these prospects, starting with close, logical buyers and expanding outward.
Tracking the results of these marketing efforts, you’ll be provided with feedback that gives you insight on your property and the market.

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