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Ogden experience serves buyers, sellers and more. Our Commercial|Investment Division represents owners, buyers, sellers, investors and tenants in negotiating the sale, acquisition, or leasing of commercial real estate. Since 1929, Ogden & Company, Inc., AMO® brokers have negotiated retail, office, multi-family, warehouse, factory, and land transactions.

No resting on our laurels. The commercial market demands an in-depth understanding of financing, construction, and development costs. Because we are full-service brokers, we are uniquely qualified to provide sound direction on all these aspects of a transaction — for the large client or local investor. But today’s market demands that brokers continually monitor current market values, construction costs, vacancy and absorption statistics, along with the availability and cost of financing. This knowledge must be blended with an understanding of past conditions and trending patterns.

Our experience, diligence, and street smarts work to your advantage. You want brokers with experience and awareness, plus that extra insight necessary to benefit clients above and beyond the ordinary ways. Consider working with Ogden for the right combination that results in a successful transaction.