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provided by the Real Estate Management Division of Ogden & Company, Inc., AMO® We have been our region’s most respected Real Estate Management firm since our inception in 1929. Ogden & Company has been a closely held, family-owned company for more than 75 years and will remain so for the foreseeable future. This allows us to take the time required to make valued decisions, and to set and achieve high standards of quality and customer service. Our focus is to maximize the image and efficiency of our client’s real estate assets, providing optimal appeal to tenants, fair market rents and increased property value. We continue to actively research other markets and to explore potential business partnerships with an eye toward expanding our residential and commercial brokerage, and real estate management offerings. We look forward to continuing to build our portfolio of properties by providing cutting-edge, customer orientated professional management services. Well known for our strong focus on strategic planning and our ability to remain flexible in order to seize upon new opportunities as they arise. In addition to commercial and apartment management, Ogden is Wisconsin’s largest manager of condominium associations, and operates a separate Condominium Management Department within its Real Estate Management Division. Ogden’s capabilities include accounting and MLS, ogden-frontadministration, maintenance operations, supervision of food and beverage operations, national vendor account programs orientated toward volume purchasing and more. The Real Estate Management staff, whether managing Apartment, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Condominium, or Institutional properties, seeks to operate their buildings at peak efficiency while maintaining adequate maintenance services and safety controls. Routine analysis of a building’s structural, mechanical and safety systems assure property owners that the latest technology will be applied in assessing system upgrades, modernization, and potential cost savings. The management staff is well acquainted with stringent requirements for dependable, timely, and professional management, financial reporting; maintenance; and communication demanded by today’s owners.