Corporate History

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Ogden & Company, Inc. has a rich corporate history dating back to 1929

Ogden & Company Inc., was founded and incorporated by Elliott M. Ogden on October 29, 1929, on the infamous day of the stock market crash. At this time, Elliott Ogden had about ten years real estate experience with the Frederick ogden-srP. Jones, Company, an established old line Milwaukee Realtor. His partner at Ogden & Company, Inc. was Guido Scheffer who served as Vice President until Elliott Ogden bought out his portion of the company in 1934, thus becoming sole stockholder and owner. The company began primarily as a residential sales and leasing organization with an office located at 110 East Wisconsin Avenue. Within three years of its conception, Ogden & Company, Inc. had not only expanded its residential staff, but also added divisions for property management, commercial sales and leasing and mortgage procurement and servicing. In the mid to late 1930’s, the company achieved the distinction of being one of the leading real estate firms and Milwaukee’s first full service real estate organization. This distinction was attained through high standards of integrity, innovation techniques and by working diligently to build an excellent reputation in the community. The years during World War II resulted in a national decline in real estate activity, but beginning again in 1946, business became strong and the company added an Insurance Division as well as a Project Development arm. In 1947, due to major renovations in the current office space, the company moved the offices to the Railway Exchange Building at the Southwest corner of Broadway and East Wisconsin Avenue. The company remained at this location until June of 1957, when a major decision was made to relocate out of the central business district and purchase the building at 1234 North Prospect Avenue. This was a decision based on continued growth demanding the need for additional space and to meet the needs of customer and employees with off-street parking. After serving for over four years in the United States Army Corps during World War II, John Ogden, Sr. joined Ogden & Company, Inc. in May, 1946 as a Vice President and Manager of the Property Management Division, a position he held for approximately ten years. In 1958, John Ogden, Sr. became President and Treasurer of the firm, and Elliott M. Ogden, Chairman of the Board