FAQ: Leases

Here are some of the top lease and leasing questions we get asked at Ogden & Company, if these don’t answer your question contact us and we’d be happy to give you more information.
Do we provide month to month leases and or short term leases?
Yes, in come cases we have the flexibility of providing short term leases in addition to the option of going month to month. This varies by property, so please reach out to your property contact for details.
Can I break a lease early?
There are many options if you have to vacate prior to the expiration of the lease. The most preferred option would be allowing us to re-rent the unit for you. This can be done by providing written notice as to your intent on vacating with the understanding that if the unit remains un-rented you are still responsible for the lease. We will do our best to fill the unit quickly because we understand that life happens. To discuss other options please feel free to reach out to your property contact. Remember at Ogden & Company, Inc. we do not allow you to sublet your unit however if you have someone in mind to rent your unit please forward are way so we can complete their background check.
When is rent due? Do you go by post date on the envelope or check?
Rent is due on or before the 1st of every month. There is often is a grace period, however it is your responsibility to understand your lease term.  We go by the date it is received in the office. Please take advantage of our online payment option to ensure your rent was received on time.
Can I smoke in my unit?
Please review your lease document. In most cases no.
Late fees what are they? Why do I pay them?
Please review your lease document, this was an agreement you made when you entered your lease agreement. You ensured timely payment of your rent and understood if you were going to break this agreement you would pay the penalty as outlined in your lease.
Do I need renters insurance? What is it and who do I get it from? Does Ogden offer renters insurance?
Yes, per your lease document we require you to obtain renters insurance for your personal belongings. You would obtain this for an insurance provider. Sorry however Ogden does not offer renters insurance.
Can I use my security deposit to pay rent or other damages?
Your security deposit will be used to satisfy any unpaid rent, late fees and other damages. You will receive an itemization with your move out letter as to where the funds went.
What constitutes a security line or emergency line phone call?
When you reach out to the emergency line after hours and it is not deemed an emergency you are charged because of the misuse of our employees after hours time.
When should I leave my admin a voicemail?
If you reach a voicemail please be sure to leave a detailed message. We at Ogden & Company, Inc. pride ourselves with a high level of customer service and will return your phone call as soon as we are able.
Can I have a pet visit?
We at Ogden & Company,Inc. understand that pets are family too. Please reach out to your property contact for approval, in some cases we may have to decline their visit per the rules and regulations of the community.
Who can live in an apartment when do they have to be on the lease?
Only those on the lease and minors listed on the application under the age of 18 are allowed to live in the unit. If you would like to add someone please contact us to get the process started.
Who can Ogden talk to about my lease?
Please call 414-276-5285 and a representative would be happy to direct you to your property contact.
When can Ogden or others enter my apartment what kind of notice do they have to give?
We at Ogden & Company, Inc. respect your privacy, however, there may be certain circumstances that we will need access to your unit. We will try to give you as much notice as we can with a minimum of 12 hours before we need access unless there is an emergency than no notice is required.