Skilled Maintenance

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We perform minor and major repair of all buildings and equipment. Major repairs are performed under the supervision of licensed maintenance technicians.

We perform preventive maintenance services on building mechanical equipment on a scheduled basis; including inspect belts, check fluid levels, replace filters, grease bearings and seals, and repair or replace broken parts.

Clean and inspect boiler; treat water with proper chemicals.

Calibrate and repair pneumatic systems.

Replace broken windows; repair doors, door locks and closets; install window blinds.

Complete daily, weekly and monthly checklists on building equipment, provide maintenance procedures and maintain records of scheduled maintenance projects.

We can provide automated system monitoring of your mechanical equipment and utility systems.

Install electrical wiring and equipment; new electrical services, wiring during remodeling projects; replace and repair wiring, as needed.

Repair electrical equipment and control circuits; replace faulty electrical switches; repair refrigeration equipment.

Repair electrical locks and control panels to maintain building security.

Install computer cable.

We can respond to emergency maintenance requests 24 | 7 | 365.

Assist with the renovation and remodeling of buildings; repair plaster and drywall; paint building structures.

We maintain records of scheduled maintenance repairs.

Perform outside custodial duties such as snow removal, as required.

Please contact us today at (414) 270-4167 or to learn more about our maintenance services.

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