Why Work With A Real Estate Professional

Why Work With A Real Estate Professional

Are you best served as a customer or a client?

First, what’s the difference between a customer and a client? A customer is a person who purchases goods or services, while a client seeks the advice of professionals, as well as the services, often on a more ongoing basis. Here are some points to help you make a decision when choosing to work with a real estate professional.

You may be best served as a CUSTOMER when:

  • You are familiar with real estate practices & procedures and/or business in general
  • You only need exposure to the market
  • You prefer to do much of the work yourself
  • You are capable of analyzing the property and legal forms (or can engage the services of someone who can)
  • You know how to structure an offer
  • You are capable of negotiating for yourself

Real estate licensees may work with a customer, but not for a customer.

You may be best served as a CLIENT when:

  • You are a more sophisticated buyer, needing more personalized attention
  • You are inexperienced in real estate purchases and /or business in general
  • You need help negotiating
  • You have limited funds, restricted terms or types of financing
  • You rely heavily on input from the salesperson (“what would you suggest I do?”)
  • You would prefer NOT to disclose confidential information to an agent who is representing another party
  • You are a very cautious, analytical buyer
  • You wish to keep your identity confidential
  • Real estate agents work for their client. (All real estate licensees in Wisconsin are required to present a mandatory disclosure to clients & customers)

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