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Exceptional Condominium & HOA Management

Ogden & Company, Inc., AMO® is equipped to manage all aspects of multi-family, commercial, industrial, retail, and special-use facilities. Our history in real estate management, brokerage and development have produced broad experience and knowledge in matters pertaining to a diverse variety of real estate issues, as well as their simplest and most cost-effective solutions. The following information highlights the capabilities of the Real Estate Management Division. The specific details of the management programs are tailored to meet the needs of individual properties and clients.

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Condo & HOA Management

As the largest real estate management firm in the State of Wisconsin, our Condominium Management Division houses a highly skilled and experienced condominium management team.

Our diverse portfolio of more than 60 condominium associations demonstrates Ogden’s excellence at providing clients with personal service that meets the individual needs of each unique association.

Condominium Owners

As homeowners, your condominium is not just your home but an important investment. At Ogden, we know good management protects and enhances your investment. All facets of your condominium association management are orchestrated knowledgeably and professionally.

Ogden handles all facets of the management of your association, including:
  • Budgeting
  • Accounts receivable/payable
  • Financial reporting
  • Determination of capital expenditures
  • Maintenance coordination
  • 24/7 response to emergency situations

Most important, we provide personal communication and customer service to homeowners and the condominium association’s board of directors, making sure all your needs are met on a constant basis. Other resources/professionals available include:

  • Certified public accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Appraisers
  • Financial analysts
  • Building facility consultants
  • Maintenance professionals

Each property manager at Ogden & Company, Inc. provides individualized attention and service to the properties they serve, cultivating long-lasting, beneficial relationships and value enhancement for those properties.

Continuing education keeps our managers at the top of their game in the ever-expanding condominium world. Through the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and Community Associations Institute (CAI), our property managers are trained in financial management, maintenance facilitation and other crucial condominium management-related issues.

  • Communication through timely interaction with you
  • Control through property inspections
  • Consistency by handling homeowner requests immediately upon receipt
  • Cost efficiency by evaluating purchasing, vendors and volume discounts
  • Computerization for accurate financial reports

Our years of experience and longstanding in the real estate industry allows us to save your association money while improving the property’s physical condition and enhancing its value.

The economy of scale Ogden receives – because of its size and the amount of work contractors do for us – means you save by partnering with Ogden. We work with many of southeastern Wisconsin’s best contractors, and our lower costs are passed on to you.

Whether full-service management or partial management (financial or maintenance only), or whether you simply need real estate consultation, Ogden & Company is ready to meet your needs.

Property Management Services
Become part of a dynamic, family owned company that addresses all aspects of the real estate industry. Our team atmosphere is enhanced by the skills and expertise that every employee brings to their profession, and we take pride in the jobs we do and the relationships we have built.

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