Ogden Expands To The Fox Valley

Ogden Expands To The Fox Valley

Ogden & Company, Inc. AMO®, has been a part of your Fox Valley family for many years through our property management division. It has been Ogden’s goal to be able to have a permanent office in your area. We are excited and thrilled to announce the opening of the Ogden & Company, Inc. office in Appleton, Wisconsin!

On behalf of Ogden & Company, Inc., we appreciate the opportunity to share information with you about our full service management services. We will be bringing you years of partnerships and unique cost savings. Recently, we negotiated bulk contracts for trash/recycling and insurance, which have provided a significant cost savings for our clients. We feel that these costs savings could greatly benefit your Association.

You can reach out directly to our Appleton team:
Carlene Gruenstern: Phone: 920.858.0777 • Email: carleneg@ogdenre.com
Or, you can contact our new Appleton local office at: 920.840.6366

We are excited to have the opportunity to share our services with you!

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