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Why Hire A Buyers Agent When Buying A House

Why Hire A Buyers Agent When Buying A House

What are the advantages of working with a buyer’s agent?

Despite what some people may say about working with a seller’s sub-agent, there are several reasons an increasing number of home buyers ultimately decide to use a buyer’s agent. Recent studies have shown that consumers using a buyer’s agent save an additional five percent (on average) on the purchase price of their home. An important consideration is that this service is usually provided at no additional cost to the home buyer.

Although you may receive additional protection and advocacy from a buyer’s agent, all licensees in the state of Wisconsin must treat all parties fairly (whether buyer or seller) and disclose all material adverse facts pertinent to the real estate transaction.

Only a buyer’s agent can:

  • Give a negative opinion or critique of a seller’s property beyond disclosing defects.
  • Recommend or suggest an offering price or give you an opinion about whether a particular house is priced too high or too low.
  • Structure the offer and draft offer provisions with the buyer’s best interests in mind.
  • Recommend and assist the buyer with negotiation strategies for the best price and terms.
  • Disclose all information and research about a property’s history and liens so the buyer can make an informed decision. The level of additional investigation and research that a buyer’s agent may do for a home buyer may vary from agent to agent.
  • Give advice within the scope of the agent’s expertise as a licensed real estate agent.

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