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Protect Your Multi-Family Investments

Ogden & Company, Inc. has become involved with The City of Milwaukee and Department of Neighborhood Services to take the neglected homes away from the current landlords, and start making the necessary improvements to the homes for the residents who have been living in fear of asking for basic needs.

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Why Rent A Condo or a Single Family Home

A condo complex is comprised of high-rise or garden-style buildings, townhouses or individual houses located within a planned community. The individual units may be available for purchase or for rent.

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Ogden Expands To The Fox Valley

Ogden & Company, Inc. AMO®, has been a part of your Fox Valley family for many years through our property management division. It has been Ogden’s goal to be able to have a permanent office in your area. We are excited and thrilled to announce the opening of the Ogden & Company, Inc. office in Appleton, Wisconsin!

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Free Special Report For Seniors

Our Senior Living Division can provide you with FREE special reports with information on:
Property maintenance
Mature property owners
Mature property buyers
Senior housing

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