Condominium/HOA Management

Condominium/HOA Management

Condominium & HOA Management Services

  • Abide by the Condominium Documents & By-laws.
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors as an advisor, messenger & facilitator.
  • Keep an open line of communication with residents and handle homeowner requests.
  • Maintain a resident directory with pet & emergency contact information.
  • On call emergency services available 24 hours| 7 days a week.
  • Schedule work approved by the Board of Directors for the Association.
  • Review and approve invoices verifying work performed|goods and services provided.
  • Draft the annual budget and work closely with the Treasurer to present it to the Board.
  • Monitor spending per the annual budget.
  • Work with the Board to maintain a reserve fund for future capital improvement projects.
  • Provide past due letters & collection services (Attorney costs additional, if applicable).
  • Maintain a contractor roster.
  • Maintain a relationship with outside contractors and personnel.
  • Maintain the ability to pass along volume pricing, where available due to the high volume of work we provide to certain qualified service providers (i.e., recycling, trash removal, bulk cable, window cleaning, mat service, exterminating, cleaning, landscaping, general maintenance, etc.).
  • Maintain a maintenance schedule, activity log, list of capital improvement projects, short & long range maintenance programs, etc.
  • Provide mini educational workshops with Community Leaders (i.e., CAI Board Member Tool Kit).
  • Conduct property inspections on a scheduled basis.
  • Produce letters & mailings for the Association.
  • Attend Board meetings and the Annual meeting.
  • Negotiate, obtain & execute bids|proposals on behalf of the Association.
  • Draft Board meeting packets, which include an agenda, meeting minutes, property manager’s report, and financial statements.
  • Assist in arranging Board meetings, Special meetings and Annual meetings.
  • Work with other professionals (i.e., Reserve Advisors, Engineers, General Contractors, Public accountants, attorneys, appraisers, assessors, financial analysts, maintenance professionals, insurance companies, etc.).
  • Maintain all property files at our office. Dated files may be kept on-site|flash drive where designated.

Accounting Services

  • Set up checking and savings|reserve accounts in the Associations name.
  • Provide a Chart of Accounts to prepare the annual budget.
  • Use of Software specifically designed for condominium & homeowner associations, which includes a personal website for your association (Domain name and maintenance|administrative fees may apply).
  • Prepare annual budget with on-site manager, Treasurer and|or Board of Directors.
  • Provide Association dues payment options to homeowners (Direct withdrawal/ACH,
  • coupon books pay on-line using a credit card, statements, etc.).
  • Bookkeeping for homeowner’s dues and expenses.
  • Process Association dues checks & deposit them in the bank.
  • Process approved invoices.
  • Distribute checks to service providers and homeowners (keys, remotes, move-in|out deposits).
  • Provide monthly financial statements, which includes a balance sheet, income|expense report,  check register, check distribution report, accounts receivable|payable report, general ledger, pre-paid dues report, delinquency report and bank statements.
  • Provide year-end tax service referrals, which includes compiling corporate and employee taxes for tax preparer.
  • Outside financial audits are the Associations responsibility to conduct.
  • Provide 1099 forms at year-end to all service providers, if applicable.
  • Process the Annual Stock Report for the Association.

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For more information about our condominium management services, please contact us or call 414.270.4178.

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