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Exterminating Services

Exterminating Services


Swat Team Pest Control Services offers both commercial and residential services.

The service techs are all seasoned vets and strive to exceed the customer’s expectations no matter what the issue is. Our wide range of services allows us to be available on-call 24/7 to handle any and all pest control emergencies. The partnership Swat Team Services has with Ogden & Company, Inc. has helped and will continue to help Ogden’s clients immensely with budget costs, immediate results, and ease of coordinating work. The scope of services range from complete interior and exterior pest control service.

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Become part of a dynamic, family owned company that addresses all aspects of the real estate industry. Our team atmosphere is enhanced by the skills and expertise that every employee brings to their profession, and we take pride in the jobs we do and the relationships we have built.

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