Property Accounting Services

Property Accounting Services

Ogden & Company can approve for payment or approve and make disbursements for normal recurring expenses as provided in the site budget, which shall be approved in advance or as directed by a property’s owner(s). Utilizing Yardi Voyager, we provide clear, accurate, valuable and real time information to the management staff and owner(s).

Financial statements are prepared, maintained, reviewed and distributed on a monthly basis within 20 working days after the close of the month. These statements are prepared on an accrual basis indicating receipts and disbursements, showing income or expense funding, cash on hand, reserve accounts, if applicable, and current liabilities. These reports are accompanied by comparative reports of monthly financials to a pre-approved budget, and delinquent tenant account status reports, if applicable. At year-end, these same reports shall be prepared detailing year-end balances.

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